Equality for All

Author Allan Moore so accurately stated that “Equality and freedom are not luxuries to lightly cast aside.” Although in my lifetime I haven’t had to deal with anything that severely threatened my equality and freedom, my appreciation for the two is as great as some who have dealt with such things.

Growing up, I’ve always been encouraged to take risks and challenge boundaries, but that’s because I’ve grown up in a place that allows such encouragements to occur. When my eyes were finally opened to the world’s evils, at an age I no longer remember, I realized my childhood was far different from others my age. Not only did I always have a roof over my head and food ready for me to eat, but I had dreams and aspirations I truly believed I could achieve; there was little holding me back from chasing said dreams.

Now, at sixteen years old, there’s so many changes I wish I could make; most of which stem from equality and freedom. I believe strongly that everyone deserves to be free and treated with respect. Our country was founded on freedom, yet some of our citizens seem to jump at the opportunity to oppress those they view as inferior to themselves. How does an act such as this uphold the very values our country strived to maintain when our independence was first won?

Equality and freedom will only be achieved when everyone works together to make them both happen. This means standing by others who may not have the same beliefs as us. This means helping any and everyone we can. This means promising to try our very best to cast aside our negativity and view the world through and open, optimistic mind. Equality and freedom are absolutely attainable as long as we set a common goal and work each day toward it.

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